Embedding a video from Youtube etc

Most online media sharing sites provide code to allow you to embed the actual video into wiki pages or blog posts
These sites include Youtube, Blip.TV, Teachertube, Vimeo, Wordpress.TV and Edublogs.TV
Each site will be a little different but all will have a button or frame that says EMBED with a string of code inside <> brackets:


Click your cursor on your wiki page where you want the video to run
Click on the blue TV shaped WIDGET icon in the toolbar
Select the VIDEO option
Select the platform
Paste the code from the video site in and click SAVE


You might also like to watch the process in this video from the Wikispaces team (using Viddler) although the layout etc will look slightly different to our UNSW design
When you save the code you may see some code inside two square brackets rather than the frame indicated in this video.

Embedding a video from UNSW TV

You can now upload video into UNSW TV and then embed your file into wikis, LMS content etc
Once uploaded you will find the embed code below your video.
Copy this and use the OTHER HTML option to paste the code in