Creating a template for new pages

If your wiki will include a number of pages with the same layout and headings you can apply a pre-designed template to each new page.

Creating a template

  1. Click on Manage wiki
  2. Templates
  3. Give a name in top box (2nd one can be left blank)
  4. Click on Create template
  5. A blank page will open – set this up with the framework of what you want
  6. SAVE

Editing an existing template

  1. Click on Manage wiki
  2. Templates
  3. Click on the template name you wish to view/edit
  4. Make changes
  5. SAVE

Adding a template to a new page

Option 1 - using New page button
  1. Click on 'NEW PAGE'
  2. If you have saved a template you will be given the opportunity to select it here
Option 2 - creating pages from hyperlinks
  1. Select your text that will become your link
  2. Click on the create link icon
  3. Using the wiki option set your page name and cick ADD LINK
  4. save your current page
  5. Click on the link you have created for your new page
  6. You will see the normal default text but look for an option to add a template at the top of the page
  7. Select the desired template and save