Embedding an RSS feed into a wiki page

For an introduction to RSS click here
It is possible to "pull" an RSS feed into your wiki page. You will see this on many pages on the TELT wiki.
We have included 'feeds' from both blogs, and from our social bookmarking Diigo group.

By using an RSS feed rather than manually listing resources you can ensure current info is being shown on your page without having to add items manually.
The most recent items are displayed.

Adding a RSS feed from a site/ blog:

  • Locate the RSS feed URL from the blog/tag roll etc
  • To add an RSS feed click on the blue TV icon
  • Select the RSS option and paste the URL in.
  • Save

Here's the RSS feed from our TELT blog...

    Adding an RSS feed from a social bookmarking site

    Diigo Groups also offer an RSS feed that can be refined down to specific tags.
    Rather than a simple URL you require the embed code to insert it - paste and copy in using the OTHER HTML option in the TV widget

    Here's the RSS feed from all resources we save via our Diigo Groups tagged 'wikis in education' ...