Wiki permissions

To adjust the permissions (access rights) for your wiki go to MANAGE WIKI - PEOPLE - PERMISSIONS

Option 1: Public

Public wikis can be viewed and edited by anyone, anywhere in the world. It's a useful option if you want widespread collaboration and contribution.
Public wikis ARE however open to vandalism so you do need to be prepared to manage this as an owner.
It's wise to activate the wiki notifications for public wikis so you can monitor changes.
Remember: it's quicker to roll back to a previous version of a page (History tab) than it is to vandalise it!
When wikis are no longer used it's a good idea to change the permission to Protected to avoid unwanted editing.

Option 2: Protected

Protected wikis can be viewed by anyone in the world, but only members can edit.
These are useful for group or network collaboration where you are happy for other interested people to see content.

Option 3: Private

Private wikis can only be viewed and edited by members.
They are useful for internal planning, confidential information etc.
Opinion: don't close a wiki just because you think the info is not useful to others !

Page permissions

It's possible to adjust the above permissions for individual pages.
This means that you can make some pages private or protected while the bulk of the wiki is public, or vice versa
To adjust the page permissions go to the page, click on the PAGE link in the top right of the page and select Permissions from the list.
Note: You cannot assign page rights to only SOME members. A way around this is to create a separate wiki for a closed group and link to it.