Adding a new page

Page names should exclude spaces where-ever possible. Underscores can be used to separate words.

There are 2 ways to create a new page on a wikispaces wiki:

New Page link

Click on the NEW PAGE link in the top left corner of the wiki nav. bar (menu). Type in your page name, add tags* if you wish and click SAVE.

Wiki Digital Citizen

* What are tags?
Tags are keywords you can apply to your page to make it more searchable. A page about dogs could be tagged - dog,animal,pet for example.
A search of the wiki for animal wold show all pages tagged with that term.
For more information on tags and tagging visit our TELT wiki.

Via text hyperlinks

From within any page of the wiki, or the wiki NAVIGATION (left menu), type the page name or word/s you wish to link from.
Select (highlight) the text with your mouse
Click on the INSERT HYPERLINK icon in the toolbar (link).
From the drop down list next to PAGE NAME select add a new page link option.
Type a simple PAGE NAME replacing the default to something that is user/web-friendly url. (NOTE - this is also how you insert a link to an existing page - click on Existing page for a pull down menu of options)
Click ADD LINK and then SAVE your page.


The new page will not automatically appear in the site navigation bar so it's important to click on EDIT NAVIGATION at the bottom of the site navigation/menu, add the page name (does not have to be the same as the actual page URL name) and create a hyperlink to that page.