Inserting images

Uploading and embedding an image

When you use this method to embed an image you are actually putting the file into the wikispaces library.
There IS a maximum storage capacity so it's important to keep your file size as small as possible.
Generally a maximum width of 800 pixels is ample. There are some online image editing tools outlined on the TELT wiki if you do not have the software yourself.
For ease of future access make sure your file has a logical name.

Click on the green icon on the tool bar.
Select the Upload Files tab.Click
Click the Upload button and BROWSE to locate the image file (.jpg, .png etc)
You will see the file appear in the library.


Situate your cursor where you want the file to appear on the page (although they are movable) and double click on the library object.
Another small 'File Properties' window will open from which you can resize the image further using the + and - buttons (although clarity can be affected) , and you can determine the alignment of the image on the page (default = left)
Adjust the caption or remove text.


There's a nice overview below from the wikispaces team although you'll notice that the look/layout of the wiki is different to our UNSW design

Embedding an image via URL

If you use FlickR or if you have the URL for an image it's possible to embed it without actually uploading it to the library
Use the same green icon as above but this time insert the image URL at the bottom of the upload tool.
The beauty of using this method is that a) you do not use valuable library storage space, and b) if you copy/paste pages to another wiki you do not have to re-upload the file.