Editing a page

Editing rights

If you have editing rights to a wiki you will see a button "Edit This Page" at the top of the page once you have logged in.
If a wiki is PUBLIC anyone can edit without having to log in.

The Toolbar


The visual editor mode

There are two editing modes in Wikispaces - a visual mode and a wikitext (code) mode.
You can do most editing in the default visual editor.
It's pretty much like using a word processor.

Wikispaces 'language'

Wikitext is the markup language for wikis. As a user you have the choice of using wikitext via the TEXT EDITOR or avoiding wikitext entirely by using the VISUAL EDITOR.
Knowing some wikitext is useful however:
  • to format discussion posts
  • to add advanced features such as anchors or includes
  • to resolve minor formatting glitches

Copying and pasting into wikispaces


NOTE- Although the code clean up is improving, it is not advisable to copy and paste from WORD into wikispaces. MS Word can carry with it a large amount of phantom html code that will cause havoc with your formatting.
If you want to take content from Word paste into Notepad to clean the code and then copy/paste from there into wikispaces.