Wikispaces is currently in pilot mode at UNSW.
We are continually working with wikispaces and developers to improve functionality.
If you identify a need that is not outlined below please feel free to list it in the discussion area

Display name field

Identified need:
Once WSSO is implemented I will log in with the username z3280574
This is totally meaningless to academics with 500 students enrolled in a course and using one wiki
The matter could be resolved by asking students to enter their name as display name in their account settings.
Wikispaces response:
Our recommendation here is to map the user IDs to usernames on the Wikispaces side. So z3280574 would be mapped to JohnSmith (UNSW alias) and only the alias will show. As long as there is a 1 to 1 mapping things will work just fine.
Status: Awaiting UNSW decision

Logging into private wikis

Identified need:
Private wikis, by nature, have a limited membership. Here at UNSW private wikis are typically personal workspaces or course wikis with bulk uploaded students.
At present when a student goes to the wiki for the first time they see:


Unfortunately many are misreading the first line and click on ‘create an account’
As a result, I then get account requests from students who already have an account. I can’t tell this.
The issue is that we are potentially pushing people to create an account that won’t assure them access.
(while open to suggestions) it would be great if, this form could read something like:

Welcome to (note typo here) the UNSW Wikispaces Platform!
You have reached a private wiki.
If you have received an invitation to join this wiki, log in below using your existing account details OR the username/password you have been provided.
Please note ............. (as is)
If you are unable to log in, contact your Course Coordinator or the wiki owner for access.
For general wikispaces support contact .... (this will change)

Wikispaces response:
Two things:
1) Yes, absolutely we are going to totally rework this page and fix it along these lines.
2) This becomes a non-issue once you move to SSO as this page won’t be displayed any more.
Status: Awaiting UNSW WSSO readiness

Query around bulk uploads

Identified need:
If a student is added to wikispaces via the user creator tool, using their ID number and a generic password, and the student then changes that to be identifiable and secure
What happens when their ID number is AGAIN used to add them to another wiki?
Wikispaces response:
Once a user changes their username, the old username gets freed up. So a new user created using the original ID will be a new user. But again, once you go to SSO, people can’t change their usernames on the Wikispaces side so it won’t be an issue.
Status: Awaiting UNSW account decision

Manual navigation bar settings

Identified need:
As part of our template/themes can we set a manual format/ baseline structure for the navigation bar.
At present I go to each one I create and enter:
• Home
• <enter page name here>
• Guide to using wikispaces

If I don’t do this I end up with a mess to remedy. The auto page tool has real issues around:
• Not being able to place pages in a specific order (eg. a report structure is a common use here)
• Note being able to create sub-sections/ categorisation
• Not being able to ignore test pages etc
• Note being able to control wording
Wikispaces response:
You can’t do that in a theme but we have a vastly better navigation bar widget coming to allow much better structure. A lot of this will be in there.
Status: Some changes made (you can now tag pages to be included in the nav bar) but it still uses the domain name rather than allowing text of your choice

Page and file structure/ organisation

Identified need:
The ability for a layered page structure and file directories would drastically increase usability.
So a tutorial group could be cvg123.unsw.wikispace.net/group1 (etc)
And their working pages would be cvg123.unsw.wikispace.net/group1/planning (etc)
When a lot of files are uploaded it simply becomes very difficult to navigate the library
Wikispaces response:
This week we are releasing a new tagging and structuring system for files. Have a look at it and you’ll find that it allows you to manipulate files in groups in a way that mirrors folders. Pages will be moving in the same direction and soon you’ll have this kind of function across the site.

TOC/ text overlap problem

Identified need:
Wikispaces response:
Yep. That’s a really tricky problem to fix it turns out. It’s still on our todo list.
Seems OK now 17/2/10

ACCOUNT APPROVED email template

Identified need:
Instead of Visit the site now – followed by “sign in to UNSW wikispaces now”
Could it say in hyperlinked bold...
Sign into UNSW wikispaces now to complete the process
What I’m finding is that a lot of students miss the message/link and academics get flustered because they are not showing as confirmed members

Can we also adjust the Getting started tips section to visit our UNSW Guide to Wikispaces
Watching videos that are not branded, themed etc in the same way and not made for private label spaces can be confusing to newbies.

Wikispaces response:
Yep. Customizable email templates is on our feature request list. It’s a good one. Help content as well.

Wiki users – membership

Identified need:
It would be REALLY useful for farms like ours if we could locate a user and see which wikis they are members of
Wikispaces response:
Yep. Pretty high on our todo list.

Uploaded images

Identified need:
It would be nice if ‘uploaders’ had the option of NOT opening the image on the page.
I know it’s possible to use wikitext to put an image file onto a page with name only but it’s too hard for basic users
Wikispaces response:
Yep. That’s implemented in this release coming probably at the end of the week.


Identified need:
Cell width functionality PLEASE : )
Wikispaces response:
Yep. Pretty high on our todo list.

Further permission levels

Identified need:
We would require many less wikis if it was possible to assign access rights to certain members only.
We have courses and tutorial groups working on “private” projects
While lecturers can create tutorial pages with limited student access they are having to set up separate wikis.
Wikispaces response:
Yep. Pretty high on our todo list. There are some challenges with this one but we know people want it.

Discussion settings

Identified need:
What sits behind Wiki Info isn’t very logical
Can the discussion settings sit separate to wiki info OR can the icon be relabeled in some way. Really each item in there deserves its own top level icon for easy location.
Wikispaces response:
Yep. Pretty high on our todo list.


  • TOC widget
  • image file link option (rather than embed)
  • further widgets
  • design elements
  • page creator in default nav bar allows page inclusions by tag