Who can have a wiki?

Academic and professional staff members of UNSW. Students, if you require a wiki for coursework, please have an academic request one on your behalf.

Applying for a new wiki

Creating a new wiki is a relatively simple and easy process BUT it is done manually by an administrator.

You must request a wiki through the UNSW IT Service Centre. Put the following text in your service request, filling in the blanks where necessary:


Requesting the creation of a new Wikispaces wiki.

Category: Software.TELT.Wikispaces.Creation.ITU
Provide the following required information:
Wiki URL: (In the form of http://___.unsw.wikispaces.net (letters, numbers and hyphens only, must start with a letter))

Wiki Title:

Wiki security: (Choose from: Public, all can view and edit; Protected, all can view and only members can edit; Private, only members can view and edit)

Wiki Owner name and email address:

Wiki Description:


We try to action your request as quickly as possible but please be patient.

When your wiki is ready you will receive email notification, and a wikispaces membership invitation if you are not already a user. You must update your Servicedesk request once you have accepted the invitation so you can be made the owner of the wiki.