To access most of the UNSW wikispaces sites you must first become a wikispaces member.
At present the username and password can be determined by you.

Keep in mind that your username is used to identify your contributions to wikis. Therefore it's recommended that you use something identifiable such as firstnamelastname.
If you have a non-UNSW public wikispaces account, this will NOT work for our UNSW sites - you must join again.
NOTE: usernames ARE case sensitive so its best to use all lower case to avoid confusion

Student accounts

There are three ways your students can access wikispaces.

1. Individual application to join
Students are given the wikispace URL - they go to it and click the JOIN button in the top right.
If they do not have an existing account they will first create one of their choosing.
Once complete they can apply to join the wiki in question.

2. Invitation
You can invite new users to your wiki up to 100 at a time via manage wiki - members - invite new members
Enter one email address.
When the email template appears add remaining email addresses - with commas or line breaks between
Write a message and send.
They will then be stepped through creating an account of their choosing, and accepting your invitation to join the wiki in question.

3. Bulk upload
Students can be added via a bulk upload of data (list, CSV or spreadsheet).
Your Faculty IT administrators can request a specialised NSS query -- View - Navigator Display – Query then select NSSR5460 and run it by right clicking on it and choosing ‘Run to Excel’ option
This provides the necessary fields.
To do a bulk upload, go to MANAGE WIKI - USER CREATOR
Select your chosen method of upload and follow the steps.
You can set the default password to something generic (eg. password) if you wish by adding a column and ask students to change this on first entry.

Account settings

Once signed in you can adjust your account settings - username, password, email, image etc
Click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner of your wiki
This is also where you can upload a photo or avatar image for your account and contributions.

Account creation process

Both sides of the membership invite process for new users who do not already have a wikispaces account of any kind....